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A Complete Guide To Fishing In Pocono

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Pocono is home to breathtaking locations and fun-filled activities. From hiking in summers to snow tubing in winters. In Autumn, beautiful foliage falls from the tree and in spring, lovely flowers blossom everywhere in Pocono.   

Poconos are a perfect place for fishing in all seasons, whether it's summers or winter. Pocono Valley is a paradise for novice and experienced anglers and sports enthusiasts as it offers new activities like ice fishing or snow tubing.

This complete guide to fishing in Pocono includes;

  • Best lakes to go fishing in Pocono
  • Rivers and Streams for fishing in Pocono
  • Things you should know before go fishing in Pocono
  • Guide to luxury rental in Pocono

Whichever place you choose to go fishing, your stay at our luxury Pocono cabin at Pocono Resort Cabin makes your trip to Pocono unforgettable. It includes cozy private rooms and luxurious amenities. More info available at the end of this article.

Here are some top lakes for fishing in Pocono.

The Lake Naomi club

Lake Naomi Club is a fantastic option for fishing in Pocono. The family-friendly club is perfect for spending your weekends or seasonal vacations. 

This Pocono fishing resort has several fishing species like trout, panfish, bass, walleye, and pickerel, including kids fishing clinics, fly fishing clinics, and kayak tours.

The resort conducts different instructional fishing programs. Kids Fishing Clinic program is an educational program for kids and parents. It includes information on baits, live release and casting, tips for baits and general information about fishing in rivers, streams and lakes.

If you are a beginner, then the fly fishing program is an excellent option to enhance your skills. The program will educate you more about fishing.

Basically, in a kayak tour, a Nature Conservancy's Environmental Specialist will guide you on your tour to Lake Naomi Club. 

Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park is another great option for fishing in Pocono during any season. This 422-acres State Park in Pennsylvania has several amazing fishing opportunities, including ADA amenities. Sounds great!

Moreover, the park is famous for abundant largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, sunfish, yellow perch, muskellunge and pickerel. But, if you are interested in fishing Trout, then restriction stamps apply. They have stocked trout in the lower lakes.

Promised State Park is also popular for ice fishing. Be sure to read the safety guideline provided in this article before heading for ice fishing.

Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack is a great spot for fishing in Pocono. The freshwater lake boasts over 50 miles of shoreline and is the largest of all the Pocono lakes. The lake's big size is a tourist's favorite spot for various outdoor activities.

You can explore this 61-year old giant lake on a motorboat. In the summers, you can launch your watercraft from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Or relax and cast a fishing line from the lakeside.

Rivers And Streams

If you love catching rainbow or brown trout, Pocono rivers and streams are filled with dozens of these fishes. Also, upper cold streams of Pocono harbor native brook trout.

Imagine fly fishing in clear, cool water that flows gently over the bottom of limestone and gravel. Cool. Isn't it? Plan your fly fishing trip to Upper Delaware River, Brodhead Creek and Lack waxen River; all of these offer the best fly fishing water in the Pocono.

Other options include Kistler Young, Tunkhannock Creek, Lackawanna River, and Wallenpaupack Creek. Pocono Mountains have many fishing spots that an angler can fish for a whole month and do not go to the exact location twice.

Additionally, if you want more information on these streams in the Pocono Mountains, visit Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website.

Fishing License

No matter which season and spot you choose for fishing in Pocono, get your license first before heading for fishing in Pocono Mountain. A fishing license is required for fishing in Pocono.

You can get your license online from the Fish and Boat Commission website or get it from sport goods stores or bait shops across the state.

The good thing is Commission brings out an annual guide on the fishing season, limits and regulations, which is free and available online or anywhere license sold.

Be aware when fishing trout because rules vary from one stream to the following and sometimes different parts of the same stream.

How To Prepare

It is important to be safe on ice fishing. Below are some safety guidelines to follow while ice fishing.

  • Test the ice thickness before deciding to fish in an area. You can check the ice thickness using drilling. Check different spots as ice thickness may vary. Ice fishing becomes daunting if the ice breaks.
  • If you plan to fish alone, then recommended solid ice is 4 inches. But if you go ice fishing in a small group, then seven inches is the minimum recommended.
  • Always carry safety equipment with you and know how to use it.
  • If you are in a group, always spread out. Putting too much weight in one spot can be dangerous.
  • Avoid areas with brush, plant, protruding logs and docks. These structures consume more heat and weaken the surrounding ice.  
  • Don't ice fish on sites with water or intersecting breaks.
  • Wear a safety (PDF) jacket.
  • Before going ice fishing, always check weather conditions.

Perfect Accommodation In Pocono

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That's All

Pocono Mountain is a popular vacation spot with dozens of recreational areas. Additionally, Pocono has plenty of fishing opportunities, including ice fishing that attracts anglers and sports enthusiasts to come to the Pocono Mountains.

If you are an expert or want to learn fishing, consider visiting Pocono once and reading our guide on fishing in Pocono to be prepared in advance. To make your stay at Pocono more memorable, book your stay with us at Pocono Resort Cabin.